Home from the Star Princess Alaska inside passage cruise.  Blessed with beautiful weather and enjoyed seeing the all the flora and fona.  While in Juneau saw the Glacier and the pink salmon running.  Mama bear and her two cubs were fun to watch.  Those babies can really climb a tree.  In Skagway we took a tour coach up to Fraiser and the rail back to town.  Did a little gold panning,  fun and found some (not enough to make me rich but excited).  Photo ops right and left.  Tracy Arm Fjord was wonderful.  A four story Russian yacht looked like a toy sitting just in front of it.  We were fortunate enough to see three calvings.  Ketchikan was our only rainy day so we went to the rain forrest.  Victoria Island was an evening arrival but the lights were all turned on in the Butchart Gardens.  Beauty every way you looked.  My only problem was the amount of time in each port.  I could have spent longer in all of them.  Another cruise in the future???? Yes I think so.

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